A Dermal Roller has become a regular part of my skin care routine. I first learned about them while doing research on anti-aging skin careand am now seeing more positive comments about their use from around the web.

A dermal roller is a small device that treats fine lines and wrinkles, acne scars, large pores and stretch marks. It’s made up of a small roller with tiny needles that penetrate the skin, encouraging collagen growth and cell renewal. You simply roll it over the area you want treated.

I use the Nylea Micro Needle Roller System with the 1.00 needle length.  I soak the roller in alcohol prior to use and also wash my face, followed by a thorough swipe with a cotton ball dampened with alcohol.  I roll the Nylea over all areas of my face, making sure to angle in several directions. I pay special attention to what I consider the ‘problem sites’ – crows feet, the marionette lines around my mouth, the upper lip. When finished I lightly wash my face again and use a Vitamin C serum before my usual night creams.  The roller gets cleaned again with alcohol and stored back in it’s case.  I try to do this a couple times a week.

Since using the Nylea I’ve noticed a general freshening of my skin tone and a softening of the fine lines around my eyes and upper lip. My skin seems to be ‘turning over’ more readily and is much smoother.  I’m very happy with the results.

Have you ever tried a dermal roller?