Mascara is flattering for most women. What’s not flattering is when it ends up where you don’t want it. 

For me these days, that tends to be on the skin under my lower lashes. I leave the house with my mascara right where I want it, yet by mid-day it’s traveled to places we hadn’t agreed upon.

As we age, the skin under our eyes tends to become more flexible and that can lead to contact with the lower lashes. It’s easy for the mascara to smudge that area, leaving dark marks.Mas 2

One hack I’ve discovered is to use waterproof mascara on my lower lashes. I don’t care for waterproof mascara for daily use on all my lashes, it’s too difficult to remove at night, and I don’t like the pulling I have to do on my eyes and lashes. However, just using it on the lower lashes stops the smudging and is fairly easy to remove at the end of the day.

K Eye Trick

Another trick I use is to place a tissue under my lower lashes before applying mascara. This allows me to give them a full coating without having to navigate the lashes while avoiding the skin below my eyes.

As for one of my favorite mascaras, it’s good ol’ Cover Girl Lash Blast. Great product at a great price.

Do you have any favorite eye make-up tips?

Easy Mascara Tip

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