As the years add up, I find the area under my eyes begging for more and more attention. Although bags are a bigger problem for me than dark circles, I still decided to give the NARS Concealer a try.

I haven’t used many NARS products, so this was a leap of faith for my under eye circles.

As you would expect from a $29 product, the packaging and casing are impressive. The concealer comes in a standard tube style with a very well made applicator.

NARS Concealer

The product itself is very creamy and smooth and goes on easily. I applied it with the applicator and then blended with a sponge. It provides a fair amount of coverage, but what you gain in creaminess you lose in staying power.

The product description states it’s crease proof, but I did notice it settle into the lines around my eyes a few hours after application.

Overall, I like the product but can’t say it’s a silver bullet for dark under eye circles. For that, I’m still waiting!

NARS Concealer Review

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