If you and I were to meet at a party, you might think that I had a head of hair that was thick and full of body — a hairdresser’s dream. Nothing could be further from the truth. It’s all smoke and mirrors.

K Flat Hair

In reality, my hair is thin, baby fine and will hardly hold a curl if I beg it. Here’s a bootleg pic of me, before the magic. And my hair in this photo has a ton of mousse and argan oil in it for body. Just sad.

I spent my teen years with stringy hair, and battled bad hair cuts in my twenties and thirties trying to find a style that would work for my baby fine hair. As the years have gone by, the improvement in styling products has helped, along with my ability to afford better brands and stylists.

However, I’ve finally found something that I can use at home that I’m CRAZY about. It’s made a huge difference in how I style my hair and the amount of body I can create.

I was never able to master the ‘hold the hair dryer while you manage the round brush’ move. It took way too much time and way too much talent. I just don’t have the patience for that kind of beauty routine. Now I don’t have to.21KlOAG1P9L

Conair has come out with a spinning hair dryer that actually works.  It’s the Infiniti Pro Hot Air Spin Styler. It dries my hair, gives it great body, curl and shine AND doesn’t get it tangled up into a horrible mess! It has a 2″ brush that spins in both directions, 2 heat settings, plus a cool setting. I can finally get a salon style blowout at home without having to do gymnastics in the bathroom. It’s fabulous!

K Hair Side 2

Here’s what my limp locks look like after a go-round with my Conair Infiniti Pro. It takes about 15 minutes. I do sections, and if I want to keep the curl tighter, I’ll secure each section in a clip until I’m done and my hair has cooled.

K Hair Side

I bought mine at Ulta and paid $59.99. I just saw that Amazon has it listed for $37.99.  At that price, I may get several for Christmas gifts.

K Hair Back

K Ful Face 2

For me, it’s one of my all time favorite beauty tools.

Do you have a favorite hair styling tool?

Salon Blowout at Home

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