I always like to keep my hands soft, and during the cold winter months it takes a little more effort than usual to make that happen. This year I’ve found a secret weapon that I’m really loving, Organic Rose Hip Oil.

I did a little research after a girlfriend recommended it to me and I’m not the only fan.  Lots of beauty experts and Hollywood types swear by it for anti-aging and problem skin relief.

Filled with anti-oxidants, vitamin C and lycopene there’s plenty of science to back up it’s benefits.  I just know that is makes my hands look and feel softer.  At night I place a few drops on the backs of my hands and rub it in — it’s that easy. Even the few brown spots I have appear to be lightening.

Prices range from a little to a lot.  Cold pressed seems to be the preferred blend.  I use Botanical Beauty Organic Rose Hip Oil and am very happy with it.  The price is right (under $10), the dropper works well and a little goes a long way.

Do you have a favorite hand care product?

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