Are your legs summer ready? If your legs have been hiding under your jeans all winter like mine have, they’re probably looking a little less tan than they did at the end of last summer.  I know mine are.


Enter a little miracle I found a few years ago, Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs.  I used to do a trade show every May in New York.  I needed to wear skirts for the event and my legs were always winter white at that time of the year. (I had long ago forsaken pantyhose.) Desperate for something to dim the glow of my gams I headed to the local Duanne Reade and settled on a can of this.  It was wonderful!  Spray it on, wait until it dries and a nice even glow appears!

I’ve been using it since to give my legs the summer ready look if I haven’t had a chance to get some sun.  It comes in 5 shades, doesn’t come off on your clothes and is water resistant. At less than $15, it’s a good value for a product that works.

Bring on the skirts and shorts!

Summer Ready Legs

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