In the famous words of Nora Ephron, I feel bad about my neck.  Or more specifically, my neck is letting me down (pun intended).While the rest of me appears to be holding up it’s part of the bargain, my neck is quitting the game early. Clearly, my neck and I have very different expectations.

I have no problem simply avoiding the issue of my neck altogether.  As is evidenced here:

Turtleneck 2

and here

Turtleneck 3

and here.

Turtleneck 1

But there comes a time when my neck and I need to play nice together.  Like when I wear a bathing suit.

So, I hit the internet and did a bunch of research on what really, really works for a ‘neck of a certain age’.

The way the neck ages is about sun damage and the fact that it has less bone structure supporting the skin, so it can sag faster than the skin on the face or chest. There are no skin-care products that can tighten the skin on our face or neck the way we want them to. That’s where plastic surgery or treatments like lasers or broadband light therapy come in.

What we can do is take better care of the skin we have now. There are a few musts for the best neck care:

  • Exfoliate regularly, at least a few times a week. (I exfoliated my face, but never thought about my neck!)
  • Whatever skincare routine you’re using on your face, extend to your neck, chest and décolleté.
  • Always use a broad spectrum sunscreen from your face down to your décolleté (I know, we’re all sick of hearing this, but it’s the best thing you can do for your skin).
  • Skin is skin. There’s no reason to spend extra money for separate products for your neck. If it’s working on your face, it’ll work down your neck and chest as well.

Here’s a list of what industry experts consider some of the best anti-aging skin care products:

I’m a big fan of the Olay line and use both the Regenerist and ProX products.  It’s affordable and the industry buzz and customer satisfaction is right up there with more expensive department store brands.

With consistent use of anti-aging products, along with regular exfoliating, maybe my neck and I will be getting along better by spring.

Do you have any favorite neck care tips?