Like most women, I love the Naked product line from Urban Decay. The neutral shadow palettes are go-to classics for many, including me.

I decided to branch out from the eye shadows and try the Flushed offering, a combo of contouring, highlighter and blush.


Urban Decay Naked Flushed Pallette


It’s comes in three colors, Naked, Streak and Strip. (had the product development team just come back from a wild weekend in Vegas when they named this line?) I chose the Naked.

The benefit of this product is the convenience of having your bronzer, highlighter and blush in one handy location. I find this very appealing and a real plus when packing my makeup for a trip (I bought this when I was in Florence).

When applied, the color saturation is good without being obvious, especially in the blush where I like a subtler coloring for my age . The pink tone of the highlighter is very flattering for most skin tones and looks natural when applied. I do like a ‘brighter’ highlight on the top of my cheekbones and add another ‘whiter’ product on top in that one place.


Contouring Color Guide


I really recommend this product. The premium formula is on par with the popular eye shadow. It goes on well and lasts throughout the day. At a $32 price tag, it’s a great value for all three needs: contour, highlight and blush. You really can’t go wrong with this purchase. It will last for months and being very useful in your makeup kit.

Nice to have only one case to pack to cover all three makeup needs!
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